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Imagine being taken on a journey through the Monferrato hills, where the air is saturated with the scents of the vines and fields. Here, among these hills, is the Rabezzana winery, a family business that has deep roots in the history and tradition of wine.

Founded in 1876, our family has handed down the passion for winemaking and the art of taste from generation to generation. Every bottle we produce is the result of years of experience, handed down knowledge and a deep connection with the earth.

Over the past 40 years, our wines have received numerous regional and national awards and recognitions, becoming a symbol of the quality and excellence of Monferrato. In 2019, we were named "Masters of Taste" for the quality and tradition of our wines.

Taste our classics Ruchè, Barbera, Grignolino and Roero Arneis, revisited with a touch of modernity. Every sip will transport you to a unique experience, made up of authentic flavors and unforgettable emotions. Come and discover with us the treasures of Monferrato and let yourself be carried away by the magic of our wines.

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Cantina Rabezzana

The history of the Rabezzana winery began in 1876 with Luigi Rabezzana, the progenitor, who was the first to start trading Grignolino wine of his own production in Turin. After the war, Renato Rabezzana, Luigi's son, continued his father's legacy becoming a real "specialist" of Grignolino and Barbera d'Asti, awarded with numerous first prizes, gold medals and the prestigious "Douja" competition. D'or" in Asti. With the aim of modernizing and rationalizing the vineyards, Renato has expanded the range of products on sale and increased the surface of the vineyards, which now cover around 10 hectares near the winery located in San Desiderio di Calliano d'Asti.

Today, knowledge and wine knowledge are handed down from father to son up to the current owner Franco Rabezzana, who continues to maintain the high quality and excellence of Rabezzana wines, respecting the tradition and the art of taste of his family.

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